Bring Your Lessons to Life with Custom Characters!

A young girl in firefighter outfit looking at a custom clipart character of herself

A Unique Tool for Teachers

The Custom Clipart Character Creator puts you in control. Create and download unique characters by choosing everything from skin tone to hair style, eye colour, outfits and more! Use it alongside your existing lesson plans, to decorate your classroom and as a creative activity to reward your pupils (they’ll love it!).
Child Pulling a Funny Face Next to a Custom Character Mimicking the expression

A Fun Way to
Express Themselves!

Some children find it more difficult to express themselves than others. The Custom Clipart Character Creator includes a range of fun expressions, making it easy for them to show their feelings!

History Just Got Cool!

With a growing range of outfits from different time periods and cultures, they can become part of history! Create and print high-quality characters and put on a historical puppet show with them as the main cast!
Custom Clipart Characters as Historical Figures
A young girl dressed as a doctor next to a custom clipart character mimicking her appearance.

Elevate Their Dreams

Help them create a positive vision for their future! Our character creator has a growing range of career-themed outfits sure to spark their imagination and set them on a path to make their dreams a reality.

Try The Demo

The Character Creator works great on mobile, but for the best experience, be sure to try it on a laptop or computer!
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